What is x-hoppers?

x-hoppers is the complete retail headset system that connects all your shop’s employees on one broadcast channel to ensure your entire team can tackle problems as they arise, increasing sales, halving training time and reducing shrink. The x-hoppers system is versatile and offers multiple-use scenarios.

Announcements and push to talk

Store associates wearing the x-hoppers headsets are connected to a single voice channel (broadcast). Each headset is muted by default to prevent chatter on the network. To talk to colleagues, simply press and hold the Talk button, then release it to return to mute.

With x-hoppers, any employee can send an announcement to all in-store associates to get help with the following:

  • Hard-to-answer inquiries
  • Damaged products on shelves
  • Shoplifters or attempted theft
  • Security incidents
  • Lack of break cover

Employees from other departments can also dial in and join the broadcast at any time from the device of their choice, allowing them to talk to employees on the shop floor or to ask a question, such as requesting information on product availability.

Internal and external calls

Store associates can receive direct calls from other employees as well as external calls from customers on their x-hoppers headsets. All it requires is a double tap on the Talk button to leave the roadcast and answer an incoming call, allowing employees to collaborate and help customers from anywhere on the shop floor. If the incoming call is from a queue, the system will automatically connect the employee to the next customer so that every call is answered promptly.

Hands-free and intuitive to use, the headset allows store associates to switch effortlessly between calls and the broadcast, so no matter where they are in the store, they are always within reach.

Transcriptions and daily recaps

All the chats exchanged over x-hoppers during the day are posted to a dedicated chat, enabling managers to interact with the team using their laptop or smartphone while staying informed about what’s happening on the shop floor.
All the conversations are posted as audio files and are transcribed, and daily recaps are also available, saving time to managers and keeping them updated.

Predictive retail analytics on customer engagement

Analyzing shopper trends is much easier and more straightforward for e-commerce. The x-hoppers system extends this effectiveness to physical shops. Thanks to the smart call points, your store can track customer interest and engagement right in your physical shop.

The system tracks and logs every scan to build big data on how your customers are interacting with product lineups and more — all as you conduct business as usual. This is much more informative than simply measuring footfall or POS purchases for shops with multiple exits and entrances.




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