What is VoIP and why do I need it?

VoIP solutions set up on a mobile phone, laptop and handset

VoIP telephone systems, or Voice over Internet Protocol, are an internet-based way to make and receive phone calls. VoIP systems have many benefits, which offer a vast improvement from usual phone lines. If you have an internet connection, you can take your business phone with you wherever you go.

Lower costs

By using the internet for calls instead of a traditional phone, you can save money by removing individual telephone lines. While there is the initial outlay, the ongoing costs of VoIP telephone systems are considerably more cost-effective. You could be saving money using VoIP, and also be receiving a much higher quality of call and service.

Portible systems

Another perk of using VoIP systems is, providing you have an internet connection, you can access your business telephone from anywhere. Most systems come with a softphone version, which is an app you can install on your phone. This means you really can take it with you wherever needed if necessary.

This is particularly useful in the age of remote working or flexible working. VoIP systems make working from home a breeze while being able to move back into the office seamlessly. There is no need to forward phone numbers or give out personal details with this solution in place. In turn, this can improve employee productivity and efficiency.

Scales with your business

With VoIP systems using internet connections, it’s incredibly easy to add or remove users and can often offer unlimited connections. This means you can grow the system effortlessly as your business evolves.

All staff members can be on the phone simultaneously, or in a large conference call, and there would still be reliable and high-quality calls being made. However, all of this is providing you have a good quality broadband connection.

Reliable and low maintenance

Due to this being based online, VoIP phone systems are extremely dependable. The majority of issues are fixed remotely, removing the need for ongoing maintenance or needing to call out engineers. It is also a rapidly advancing form of technology and communication, which means it’s only going to improve further going forward.

Extra telephone features

Designed with businesses in mind, VoIP telephone systems are packed full of extra functionality. Common features included with our telephone systems are call recordings, call queues, call forwarding, and receiving voicemails via email. Conference calls are also easy to set up and can include an almost unlimited number of participants.

Call forwarding can be particularly useful in the flexible working world we find ourselves in now. For example, if you know a colleague is not available you can change who receives their call instead, meaning no customer calls are being missed. Voicemails and faxes can also be emailed for added flexibility, or even sent to a specific folder on the network for anyone to view as needed.

BT Switch Off

BT will be turning off all their traditional copper connections by 2025 for everyone. This means you will need to find a new internet-based solution to your telephone system. VoIP will be the main way this technology is replaced, so getting a new system into place before the inevitable rush can only be a useful thing to begin thinking about.

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