What are the benefits of a 3CX phone system?

Laptop and phone with 3CX running

3CX is a powerful piece of telephone software, packed full of features and is often a very cost-effective option. Find out why we recommend 3CX to businesses of all sizes and how it could improve the running of your business.

Easy Set-Up

3CX is relatively quick and easy to install and get running for your business. This means the installation of your new phone system is without any interruption to the daily running of your operations.

Live Chat

Not only can you make phone calls, but there is also a built-in chat feature. Therefore, you can keep almost all your communication needs in one place. In addition to chatting with your colleagues, you can integrate 3CX into other areas. For example, you can have a Live Chat button on your website, or you could link 3CX and Facebook Messenger together. This allows customers to talk to a representative in real-time with ease. 3CX can also be linked with many website platforms and content management systems (CMS).

Conference Calls

Video and conference calls have been made simple in the 3CX app and web client too. Instantly change from a voice call to a video call, where there are many extra functions. Screen sharing, whiteboards, document sharing and even polls are all possible through the video call option as well. Meetings are simple to set up, as they can be scheduled from a calendar invitation or by sharing a unique URL. All these combined make video calls via 3CX an ideal environment for collaboration and communication.

Mobile Apps

With remote working more prevalent than ever, being able to access your work phone anywhere is imperative. The 3CX app can be installed on iOS and Android phones and tablets, resulting in the system being fully portable. This includes being able to access all the features via the app too, such as video calls and chat. The app allows for complete flexibility on location, providing you have internet access. In turn, this always aids productivity and connectivity.

Call Recording

You have the option to implement call recordings, which can be useful for legal and training purposes. Listening back to calls can also be beneficial for quality control. This allows you to discover how employees are communicating with customers, to see if any areas can be improved upon. Likewise, there is the benefit of being able to listen back to calls to check details or comments that could be of further use.

Voicemail Options

While there is a standard voicemail option that alerts the user they have a message, there are other options with 3CX. We can send voicemails to a dedicated folder on your network to be accessed with ease, which is useful when more than one person would like to listen to messages. Similarly, voicemails can be emailed to users for ultimate flexibility in picking up messages on the go.

Call Reporting

Want to find out how calls are being managed? Reporting can be set up to show you a plethora of information on call performance. Discover the rate of abandoned calls or wait times to train staff and improve customer service. Monitor call back statistics and service level agreements to ensure you are meeting targets. Fluent can provide 3CX Wallboards to make monitoring calls even easier with visible and audio warnings if requested.


3CX is not only flexible with its many features that have been mentioned, but with scalability too. The number of users can be easily increased or decreased depending on the business’s needs. If you have offices in multiple locations, our cloud-based phone system can connect your entire company to the same phone service. These systems can then be managed by a single administrator from anywhere.

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