Audio Marketing

Do your customer know all of the services you offer?

For just £25 per month, you can advertise your services whilst your calls are on hold.

Looking to change up how your auto attendant messages sound? Fluent can provide a range of customised options which can reflect your brand. Whether you want to keep your customers informed that they are in the queue, or you’d like to promote other services while they wait, you are able to choose the script, voice and music you want from the options below.

What is Audio Marketing?

Are you aware that 70% of business calls are placed on hold, and that the average caller stays on hold for 28 seconds? During their time on hold, up to 30% of customers make purchases directly following the advertisement heard whilst on hold!
On Hold Marketing is a proven and cost-effective way of delivering important business information to a captive audience in real-time. By making the most of your telephone’s free air time when callers are placed on hold, you can reinforce current campaigns, raise awareness to legislation changes and hours of business or simply increase sales by promoting special offers to waiting customers.

What services can we provide?

By using a professionally recorded Auto Attendant recording, you are able to get customers to the correct department effortlessly.
Pre-recorded Night Messages deliver business information to callers when your business is closed. Information such as opening times, out of hours support numbers, email and web addresses, plus so much more.
On Hold Marketing is a proven concept for all business types – from solicitors to dental practices, schools to hotels, manufacturers to retailers and everything in between. If you say it on your website and say it on your social media, why not say it on your telephone system too while you have the callers undivided attention.

Looking for other telecoms services?

Fluent can supply and install a range of telephony services to suit businesses of all sizes.

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