Is a Leased Line the broadband solution for your business?

Blue lines signifying internet speeds along a road

What is a Leased Line?

In short, a leased line for business provides a dedicated line to your property. This can be an ideal solution if your business requires high-performance internet connections.

Due to this being a private connection, the bandwidth is not shared with anyone else, unlike a typical broadband connection. Connection speeds will remain constant at peak usage times and the line is extremely reliable, too.

What are the advantages of a Leased Line?

Internet Speed

Speeds on a leased line are asymmetric, meaning the speed is the same for uploads and downloads. With up to 10Gbps, there is plenty of space for businesses to expand without having to worry about bandwidth restrictions. We all know how frustrating a slow internet connection can be, which can slow down workflows considerably. Using a leased line eliminates this issue, allowing for a high volume of files to be sent, VoIP conference calls or a high number of users to be active at once.

Should you find yourself uploading large documents regularly, you may notice this feels very slow due to the asynchronous speeds of traditional broadband. Moving to a leased line will allow you to upload these files as fast as you can download them.

If a VoIP system is in use by a large number of people or large conference calls are hosted, considering a leased line could work in your favour. The high upload and download speeds ensure a clear and reliable connection.

Service Level Agreement

If a fault should occur, an engineer should be available to fix the issue within 6 hours. Comparatively, traditional broadband could take as long as a day or more before the repair is complete. Furthermore, the agreement also guarantees an uptime of 99%, providing a reliable, fast internet connection. You will also receive the full speeds advertised; there is no “up to” speed.

Could a Leased Line work for your business?

While a leased line for business is more costly than standard fibre broadband, the advantages can outweigh this considerably. Consider a leased line if you require the following:

  • You use a high number of VoIP phones concurrently
  • Users upload and download large files regularly
  • There is a requirment for high bandwidth across many users simultaneously
  • You use Cloud file sharing such as Microsoft 365 for day to day operations
  • There is a large number of staff across a vast office

If you would like to discuss leased lines as an option for your company, contact us to find out more.

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