Telephone Systems for Education

We understand the unique needs of educational institutions, from early learning centres to universities, and how efficient communication plays a vital role in creating a productive and secure learning environment.

At Fluent, we proudly offer industry-leading VoIP solutions, powered by the renowned platformS, which we have already implemented in many schools. With our VoIP systems, you can revolutionise your communication infrastructure while reaping the benefits of modern technology.

As well as more traditional handsets, we can provide portable handsets, wireless headsets, and softphones that can be installed onto smartphones. This allows for flexible working around the schools buildings, and from home if necessary.

Case Study at Brunswick School


Watch our video to discover how Fluent helped to improve communication across Brunswick School in Hove.

Fluent installed a new 3CX Phone System and Emergency Tannoy System to keep the school running smoothly and safely.

Discover how our telephone systems can improve your school’s or university’s communication

One of the primary advantages of implementing a VoIP telephone system in an educational setting is the cost savings it provides. Our VoIP solutions leverage your existing internet connectivity, enabling you to streamline your communication expenses and redirect those savings towards enhancing your educational programs.

Flexibility and scalability are key features of VoIP systems, making them an ideal choice for educational institutions. Whether you need to expand your communication capabilities as your school grows or adjust them based on fluctuating demands, VoIP provides the flexibility to scale up or down effortlessly. With our systems, you can easily add or remove extensions, manage multiple locations from a centralised interface, and integrate with other applications and systems to enhance productivity.

In an educational environment, security and privacy are paramount. VoIP systems prioritize data encryption, ensuring that your communications remain confidential and protected. By utilizing our advanced security features, you can have peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information is safeguarded.

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So, why should you choose Fluent?

We have installed our telephone systems in numerous schools across the South East, so understand the challenges and requirements of this environment. Our telephone systems also offer the following benefits:

  • Cost savings: VoIP eliminates the need for expensive hardware and phone lines, utilizing existing internet connectivity.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Easily scale up or down as your institution grows or adjusts its communication needs.
  • Advanced security: VoIP systems prioritise data encryption, ensuring the confidentiality of your communications.
  • Collaboration and engagement: Features like video conferencing and instant messaging foster effective remote teaching and learning experiences.
  • Early learning centre-focused: Intercom functionality and paging systems ensure the safety and well-being of young students.
  • Expert guidance and support: Our team provides comprehensive training and ongoing support for a smooth transition and optimal system utilisation.
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