Early Learning Technology

From interactive boards to telephone systems, printers, tannoy systems, and visitor management systems, we provide the tools necessary to create an engaging, secure, and streamlined educational environment.

Our technology solutions are tailored to meet the needs of early learning environments, providing user-friendly interfaces, reliable performance, and seamless integration.

We also offer comprehensive support, including installation, training, and ongoing maintenance, to ensure that your technology operates optimally and meets your specific needs over time.

Case Study at Brunswick School


Watch our video to discover how Fluent helped to improve communication across Brunswick School in Hove.

Fluent installed a new 3CX Phone System and Emergency Tannoy System to keep the school running smoothly and safely.

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Discover how our technology can improve your preschool or nursery

Interactive boards are essential for early learning as they create an immersive and interactive learning experience that engages young learners. With touch-sensitive surfaces, children actively participate, manipulate digital content, and develop critical thinking and collaboration skills.

Telephone systems play a crucial role in effective communication within early years centres. Our user-friendly systems facilitate seamless communication between teachers, staff, and parents, ensuring clear announcements, efficient emergencies response, and fostering collaboration and parental involvement.

Printers are indispensable in early learning settings, enabling teachers to create visually engaging materials. Our high-quality printers produce vibrant prints, enhancing visual learning experiences for young learners, and streamlining administrative tasks by printing forms, newsletters, and documentation, promoting effective communication with parents.

Safety is prioritized through tannoy and visitor management systems. Tannoy systems provide clear and reliable audio for emergency alerts and announcements, ensuring essential information reaches every corner of the facility. Visitor management systems monitor and control access, maintaining a secure learning environment by allowing only authorized individuals into the centre.

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So, why should you choose Fluent?

Fluent understands the needs for preschools and nurseries, and we believe our technology can improve the children’s engagement and everyone’s safety. Our technologies provide the following benefits:

  • Interactive boards: Create immersive and interactive learning experiences, promoting collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.
  • Telephone systems: Facilitate seamless communication between teachers, staff, and parents, ensuring effective announcements and emergencies response.
  • Printers: Enable the creation of visually engaging materials, supporting visual learning experiences and streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Tannoy systems: Provide clear audio for emergency alerts and announcements, enhancing safety protocols and response times.
  • Visitor management systems: Monitor and control access to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for children.
  • Tailored technology solutions: Designed specifically for early learning settings, with user-friendly interfaces and reliable performance.
  • Comprehensive support: Includes installation, training, and maintenance to optimise technology integration and meet specific needs.
  • Invest in technology: Enhance early learning experiences, safety, and efficiency in your centre.
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