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Lorient Polyproducts Ltd are based in Newton Abbot, Devon. They design and manufacture market-leading, high-performance door sealing systems. Their intumescent seals form a vital part of a fire door assembly, helping to protect buildings against the spread of fire, giving people time to escape and reducing property damage. Ensuring a fire door provides complete protection involves more than a door seal alone; Lorient also produces a range of fire resistant glazing systems, together with fire and smoke resistant damper/air transfer grilles for doors, walls and ducts and a complementary range of acoustic sealing systems.

When their Managing Director, Kerry Hicks first came to Fluent, that they were using an aging Samsung telephone system with ISDN30 lines with 100 users. Whilst they were happy with the system, they needed to update their obsolete hardware, reduce costs and become more efficient.

Lorient also has a number of homeworkers with sales targets and their outbound dialling staff needed to have their call targets monitored, which proved difficult on their legacy telephone system.

Our Solution

Having discussed the solutions with a number of vendors, Fluent where the chosen provider. Lorient opted for a 3CX solution with a resilient managed leased line, integrated call logging software, which gave them a lot of features that would enhance their efficiency and make interacting with their customer base much easier and consistent. It also enables Lorient to add/remove users quickly.

This was especially important for their homeworkers and for Business Development Managers. As well as creating an environment where users can pick up their calls at any desk in or out of the office and consolidating their communications.


Asked what impact the new service has had on staff and customers Kerry explained, “The remote workers and Business Development Managers have benefited from having access to their desk extension and receive voicemail to their phones, even when not in the office.

“The supervisors in our office-based sales and customer service teams now have easy access to reports for both inbound and outbound calls, this has proved to be a valuable management tool and also helped improve service levels to our customers”.

“The change from traditional telephone lines to a cloud solution was a new concept for us, but after close consultation with Fluent we had the confidence to make the switch. I’m pleased to say we experienced little or no disruption during changeover and we have made significant savings on our fixed line rental costs”.

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