Business Mobile Plans: What to look out for when purchasing

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Updating business mobile plans or updating mobile phones may seem like a big upheaval, but our team is here to help make it a streamlined experience. We look into what goes into considering a new mobile plan, which could save you money and provide a better service.


While having the latest handset for your personal phone may be nice, they are usually very expensive to purchase. This can make them an unrealistic choice for some businesses. Affordable handsets are becoming more powerful and come packed with great features, particularly on Android based devices.

If there are any specialised apps the business requires, checking if they are operating system specific could limit the choice of phone. For example, if a specific app is only available on the App Store, then you would require iPhones. Should your business run primarily on Apple Macs and iPads, then keeping your devices within the Apple family could be beneficial for connectivity too. Androids are typically more flexible and more compatible with other devices and software, which can have their perks depending on the businesses demands.


It can be tricky to decide which tariff will work best for your business. This will often be where savings can be made, once contracts have been tailored to the business’s needs. Generally, tariffs that are chosen are overly generous on the data, calls and texts, “just in case”. By carefully looking at your data usage, Fluent can pick the most appropriate plans for you.

Sim card

Contract type

As with a normal phone contract, there are two types: SIM only or Contract. As the name implies, SIM only means you are just paying for the data, usually in a package. These do not include a handset but will be far cheaper if you already have handsets available.

A normal phone contract includes the prices of the data and the price of the handset too. These can be useful for spreading costs but will usually cost slightly more than buying a handset outright and pairing it with a SIM only deal.

Contract length

Another option to discuss is contract length. The longer the contract, the cheaper it often is, however you are then tied into the plan for longer too. However, if you pick a shorter contract, the cost would be slightly higher, but you would be able to change the plan or phones associated with it sooner.

Customer Support

Business mobile plans with Fluent come with great customer support via our dedicated Voice & Data team. Fluent will carefully look over your contracts and data use while discussing your business needs to ensure you get the best deal possible. Our proactive team will monitor data usage and costs to keep you informed and will suggest better deals where appropriate. Should any issues arise, we will get to work on resolving the problem and keep you updated with progress along the way.

Contact our team today to find out how we can help you.

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