5 Reasons Microsoft 365 is ideal for businesses

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We are all familiar with the Microsoft Office suite of programs, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. Since 2017, Microsoft has been releasing its Office software as a primarily subscription-based service called Office 365 or Microsoft 365. While this change happened 4 years ago, many users still use the older versions of Office. We look into why you should consider making the switch to their new products.

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based product

Cloud-based services are all the rage, but it’s for good reason. Microsoft has its own cloud storage system named OneDrive, where you can store all your files. You will receive 1TB of space with a subscription too. Access documents wherever you have an internet connection, via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. All of Microsoft 365 software works on computers, smartphones, and tablets. This makes working from virtually anywhere a possibility. You can back up important files and share documents with ease too.

Your data is secure

Microsoft 365 has a host of measures in place to keep your data secure. We recommend activating two-factor authentication whenever possible. This adds another layer of security to your accounts. Microsoft are constantly improving the security of their products too, which will automatically update when you have a subscription. Account admins can give rights to users to view specific folders in the OneDrive. This can keep private documents just that, and each department can access their relevant files only.

Simple collaboration

Microsoft 365 is designed with collaboration in mind. Multiple users can work in the same document simultaneously, with changes being made in real-time for collaborators to see. The number of active users and where they are working within the document are visible to avoid confusion when collaborating. This can be especially useful for large projects where users need to communicate easily and quickly. Sharing isn’t limited to just files either. Shared mailboxes can be created so emails aren’t missed, and calendars can be consolidated so you always know what the team is doing.

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Regular costs

As this is a subscription-based service with fixed plans, you will always know what you are expected to pay. There are different subscription levels that have varying levels of product availability and threat protection. There is a monthly cost per user and users numbers can be increased or decreased when needed. While this is a monthly outgoing, updates are included so there are no sudden expenses to upgrade to the latest version of the software. The level of security that comes as standard is excellent, and the flexibility you gain from the subscription is unparalleled.

Business continuity

Should disaster strike, your digital information is safe due to your files and emails being backed up onto the cloud. This means whether your hardware fails in your laptop, or something is deleted by accident, data can be restored. Having a continuity plan in place ensures your business can continue to run as usual if the worst was to happen, saving you time and money.

How can Fluent help you?

Fluent successfully manages 365 products for the majority of our clients. If you would like to discuss your options regarding migrating to Microsoft 365, contact us today and we can find the most appropriate option for your business.

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